Khamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Mahasiswa mahu Puspal batal konsert Lambert

KUALA LUMPUR, October 13: Joint Student-Islam Se Malaysia (Gamis) today voiced strong protest against the government's action to approve international concert artist, Adam Lambert is scheduled for tomorrow night.

Objection is raised in a memorandum to the Central Agency Application for Filming and Performance by Foreign Artistes (PUSPAL) this afternoon.

Memorandum submitted to the Chairman of the Committee PUSPAL under the licensing and enforcement, Ramlah Amir in his office in the building The Ministry of Information and Culture, near here.

Gamis president, Ahmad Syazwan Muhammad Hasan said, the organization of concerts to be held at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil will add social problems, especially cancer among young people in this country.

This is because he said, Adam Lambert is already known that a young person who brought the icon 'gay' in the United States.

"Gamis express our regret over the approval of this concert is that it will bring negative effects to young children.

"In the Rosmah (Mansor) are said to busy looking for a formula to solve social problems, while a concert artist immoral approved," said Syazwan to reporters prior to the submission.

He also questioned the government's actions give approval to the organizers to invite artists.

"What is urgent for the government to approve the attendance of Adam Lambert, while many other foreign artists who may be called," he said.

ementara, the Secretary of Solidarity Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) Ridhuan Othman said, urging governments, especially ministries SMM involved reviewing the guidelines back concert involving artists abroad as well as to cancel the concert.

"The government is more or less a day longer time to cancel the concert Adam Lambert.

"If we continue this concert, we will mobilize college students to go down the mass to the stadium tomorrow to protest by distributing pamphlets and so forth," he said.

About 20 student activists gathered in front of the ministry holding protest banners and guarded by police.

Meanwhile, in a meeting about 20 minutes to Ramlah in his office, asking them to explain why the concert PUSPAL approved in addition to voice kembimbangan the hedonism of the symptoms of endemic among young children.

Ramlah said, however, PUSPAL not have the authority to make decisions because they involve other ministries.

But he would like to thank Gamis their initiative to meet with him.

p/s:konsert Maher Zain 14-15 Oktober cmne?

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